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Maximizing Potential

About Us: The key to growth and success is within you and your people. 
Learn conscious leadership skills through building inner competence and skills.

To Maximize People's Potential, we offer a customized, systemic, and holistic approach to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Our Purpose

  • Leaders to unlock their full potential 
  • Businesses to thrive by being future-ready 

Some people are born with a natural inclination to lead, but for others, it is a learned skill. 

At Conscious Leadership Pathways, we believe that each one of us can grow and increase our potential if we are willing to learn and adapt. 

Our purpose is to foster this growth through connecting with individuals, organizations, communities, and societies with a customized approach to help: 


Our Vision

  • Igniting Passion
  • Unlocking Potential
  • Discovering Purpose

We aspire to help you thrive (not survive) on current challenges while facilitating your future growth.   

We seek to create an ever-evolving approach tailored to your individual and organizational needs.   

Our programs help you to reach your full potential. You will receive all the tools you need now and in the future to continue developing yourselves and your team.  

Conscious Leadership Pathways offers you a personalized path to your growth, helping you achieve the outcomes you need to fuel your scalable business goals. 

* Be more Engaged * Be more Productive * Be more Innovative 
Our Mission 

Our mission is to blend behavioural science with coaching techniques.

We use a holistic approach integrating ancient wisdom philosophies with modern frameworks to help foster a positive, thriving workforce enabling you and your businesses to thrive. 

Core values
that define us

The values that help us stay grounded and self-reflect to avoid stagnation. Be empowered. Be ready. Be great. 



Being aware of what's going on around us and being in tune with it.



To be perfectly aligned and ready to bend rather than break.



Happiness is the guiding principle that helps us in decision-making.

A word from our founder

I am deeply passionate about learning and growth and aspire for a world that operates from the paradigm of a purposeful, ethical, and inclusive society that promotes a collaborative mindset.

This journey of inner growth has taken me through multiple levels of questioning and reflecting, integrated with my experience in leadership development, has enabled me to design and create conscious leadership principles.

From growing up in a conservative social system to evolving into a marketing and finance professional, my experience and learnings help facilitate multi-level inner growth in others for long-term sustainable change.

I have trained in Ontological, Epistemological, and Transformational coaching to foster transformations in self, others, and organizations.

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