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A rabbit hole leading to a fantastical landscape, symbolizing the journey of building a supportive network for leadership development.

Beyond the Power Suit: Building a Leadership Wonderland with a Supportive Network 

Leadership development often conjures images of boardrooms and power suits. But what if the key to unlocking your leadership potential lies not in solitary strategy sessions but in cultivating a vibrant, whimsical (dare we say, wonderland-esque) support network? 

Think of Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole – disoriented, yes, but on the precipice of an extraordinary adventure. Building a leadership network is like venturing into this unknown territory for the conscious leader. You’ll encounter unexpected characters – mentors who challenge your blind spots, peers who fuel your innovation, and even allies from seemingly unrelated fields who spark fresh perspectives. 

So, ditch the solitary struggle and embrace the power of connection. Here’s how to build a supportive network that propels you on your conscious leadership journey. 

An owl perched on a tree branch with a book, representing a mentor offering guidance on the leadership journey.
  • Seek the Wondrous Mentor: A Guide Through the Looking Glass 

Mentors are the wise owls perched on leadership branches. Look for someone who embodies the leadership qualities you aspire to possess. It could be someone within your organization, but don’t limit yourself. A former professor, a community leader, or even an author known for their insightful leadership books – anyone who ignites your curiosity and challenges your thinking can be a mentor. The key isn’t a title but the quality of the connection. Seek someone who fosters vulnerability and encourages honest conversations. This is your safe space to explore your strengths, weaknesses, and those pesky “imposter syndrome” whispers. 

  • Embrace the Mad Hatter Tea Party: The Power of Peer Support 

Leadership can be a lonely path. That’s where your peer group, the Mad Hatter crew of your leadership wonderland, comes in. This isn’t just about grabbing coffee with colleagues; it’s about creating a safe space for honest dialogue and mutual support. Look for peers who complement your skills and challenge your perspectives. Build a diverse “tea party” with individuals from different backgrounds and leadership approaches. This cross-pollination of ideas fuels innovation and helps you navigate complex situations with a broader outlook. 

  • Follow the White Rabbit of Inspiration: Seek Allies Beyond the Usual Suspects 

The most unexpected connections can be the most transformative.  Think of Alice encountering the Cheshire Cat or the Caterpillar – seemingly random encounters that ultimately contribute to her journey. Look beyond your immediate industry or social circle. Connect with artists, entrepreneurs, and even community gardeners – anyone whose work resonates with your leadership aspirations. This “White Rabbit” chase will expose you to diverse perspectives and spark unexpected inspiration. 

  • Celebrate the Unbirthday Party: Cultivate Gratitude and Reciprocity 

A supportive network isn’t a one-way street. True growth thrives on reciprocity. Celebrate your network’s successes—the promotions, innovative projects, and personal milestones—and offer your support in return. Be a sounding board, celebrate their wins, and connect them with valuable resources when you can. Think of it as throwing an Unbirthday Party, a constant celebration of growth and mutual advancement. 

  • Down the Rabbit Hole We Go: Embracing Vulnerability and Continuous Learning 

Building trust and vulnerability are the cornerstones of a robust network.  Be open about your challenges and fears. Share your leadership failures (we all have them) and learn from each other’s mistakes. This vulnerability isn’t a weakness; it’s the foundation for genuine connection. Embrace the idea of continuous learning – not just from books and courses, but from the collective wisdom of your network. Actively seek out feedback, ask probing questions, and be receptive to different perspectives. 

  • Paint the Roses Red: Reimagine What Success Looks Like 

Leadership networks can be breeding grounds for comparison. Don’t get caught up in the “red rose” syndrome, where one person’s success feels like your failure. Focus on defining your leadership path, which is aligned with your values and aspirations. Your network can then celebrate all facets of your growth – not just the climb to the top of the corporate ladder but also the impact you make on your team, your community, or even your personal development journey. 

A caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, symbolizing the transformative power of connections within a leadership network.

The Caterpillars of Change: From Networking to Transformation 

Building a supportive network takes time and intentionality. Be patient, nurture the connections, and embrace the unexpected. Remember, the caterpillars you meet along the way may surprise you, ultimately transforming into beautiful butterflies that propel you forward on your leadership adventure. 

This journey isn’t about collecting business cards or racking up LinkedIn connections. It’s about creating a vibrant support ecosystem that fosters your growth, challenges your assumptions, and celebrates your unique leadership journey. So, step beyond the power suit, embrace the notion of connection, and build your conscious leadership wonderland. 

A diverse group of people having a tea party, symbolizing the power of peer support and connection in a leadership network.

Beyond Wonderland: Cultivating Your Network in the Real World 

The fantastical metaphors are fun, but let’s translate these ideas into practical steps to build your leadership network: 

Cast Your Net Wide: Exploring Online and Offline Communities 

  • Professional Organizations: Join industry associations, leadership development groups, or alumni networks. Attending conferences and workshops to connect with like-minded individuals. 
  • Online Forums and Groups: LinkedIn Groups focused on leadership or specific skill sets can be valuable resources. Look for active discussions and participate thoughtfully. 
  • Community Engagement: Volunteer for causes you care about. This allows you to connect with passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, build your leadership skills practically, and potentially find mentors among those you serve. 

From Awkward Introductions to Meaningful Connections: Mastering the Art of Networking 

  • Be a Connector, Not Just a Collector: Focus on building genuine connections, not just adding names to your Rolodex. Ask thoughtful questions, listen actively, and find ways to connect people within your network. 
  • The Power of Follow-Up: Don’t let connections fizzle after an initial meeting. Send a follow-up email with a specific question or resource that might interest you. 

From Coffee Chats to Mastermind Groups: Fostering Deeper Connections 

  • Schedule Regular Check-Ins: Once you’ve established connections, schedule regular coffee chats or video calls with mentors and peers. This allows for deeper conversations and fosters ongoing support. 
  • Form a Mastermind Group: Create a small group of leaders who meet regularly to discuss challenges, share best practices, and hold each other accountable. 
  • Find an Accountability Partner: Partner with someone in your network who shares similar goals. Regularly check in with each other, offer support, and celebrate milestones. 

Nourishing Your Network: Strategies for Long-Term Growth 

  • Become a Resource: Share valuable content with your network – articles, podcasts, or insights. This positions you as a thought leader and strengthens your value to the network. 
  • Offer Your Expertise: Volunteer to mentor others or participate in leadership development programs within your organization. Helping others grow strengthens your leadership skills. 
  • Stay Engaged: Actively participate in online discussions, attend industry events, and continuously seek new connections to keep your network fresh and vibrant. 

Building a supportive network for leadership development is an ongoing journey. Embrace the unexpected encounters, celebrate the support you receive, and remember, the most powerful leaders are rarely those who go it alone. So, gather your Mad Hatter crew, celebrate the Unbirthday of your growth, and paint your unique path to leadership success. 

A person painting a rose a different color, representing redefining success and embracing a unique leadership path.


Building a leadership network is a continuous process, not a one-time event. Embrace the journey, celebrate the connections you forge along the way, and remember that the most powerful leaders surround themselves with a supportive team who empower them to grow and thrive. So, step outside your comfort zone, embrace the magic of connection, and watch your leadership journey flourish with the support of your very own “Wonderland” network. 


What does "beyond the power suit" leadership mean?

“Beyond the power suit” leadership emphasizes qualities beyond traditional authority and appearance, focusing on empathy, authenticity, and collaborative decision-making. It encourages leaders to prioritize relationships, emotional intelligence, and ethical responsibility in guiding their teams towards shared goals.

“Beyond the power suit” leadership fosters a culture of trust, inclusivity, and innovation within organizations. By prioritizing authenticity and empathy, leaders create environments where team members feel valued, motivated, and empowered to contribute their best efforts. This approach enhances employee engagement, retention, and overall organizational resilience.

Key practices include active listening, fostering open communication, nurturing a growth mindset, and leading by example through ethical decision-making. Aspiring “beyond the power suit” leaders prioritize continuous learning, self-awareness, and building strong, supportive relationships to inspire positive change and sustainable success in their teams and organizations.

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