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An image of a confident leader standing amidst a group of team members, engaged in discussion or planning, symbolizing resilience and confidence during uncertain times.

How to Be a Confident and Conscious Leader in Uncertain Times

Conscious leadership is the new gold standard in the business community. The ability to stay confident and conscious is easy in most business scenarios. It is when times are uncertain and the organization is faced with a crisis that one’s leadership mantle is tested. Knowing how to be a confident leader is a crucial step towards rising above the uncertain times and maintaining a conscious brand of leadership. 

How to Be a Confident Leader During Uncertain Times

The recent pandemic is the best example of how uncertain times can truly test one’s leadership ability. The need to execute business decisions at a rapid fire rate, the level of paralysis that many businesses experienced, and the uncertainty of what the future holds made everyone feel vulnerable, even the most experienced business leaders.

So, how to be a confident leader? 

Below, you will learn some of the steps that you need to take in order to become a confident and conscious leader so that you can continue to adjust and overcome challenges. 

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Plan and Execute

During uncertain times, a lot of leaders who lack confidence and consciousness can enter a state of paralysis. They don’t know what to do and when to do certain things. As a result, they don’t get anything done for fear that anything they do can worsen the situation.

Confident and conscious leaders are different. They analyze the situation and develop an action plan. Their goal is to map out the steps that must be taken in order to rise above the challenge. They regroup with their team instead of making decisions on their own. This allows them to evaluate the situation from a wider perspective to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. 

Once they have developed an action plan, they work on putting that plan into action. By doing so, conscious leaders inspire those that are subordinate to them. 

Be Agile and Responsive

The secret to lead through uncertain times is to carry on. Focus on what your customers need during these times. You also want to stay close to them – to talk to them. Think about the world that they live in and stay close to that context. 

Think outside the box. Conscious leaders keep an open mindset. They seize every opportunity to innovate. And finally, they are agile in implementing these changes. 

Abide by Your Values

Leading with your values is a crucial step to being a successful leader during uncertain times. It’s imperative; values aren’t something that you say you’ll do, but what governs every decision you make.

It starts with looking after your people first. The goal is to make them feel secure and safe, as well as helping them find a headspace that makes them feel reassured. Build a sustainable plan moving forward that takes into account the needs of your people.

Be Open and Transparent

Open and honest communication is vital during times of uncertainty. People turn to conscious leaders that foster trust. It is important that you are honest with your subordinates about the current situation and provide them with honest and accurate details. This gives everyone a sense of the real situation and that’s how leaders maintain trust

Trust is an important currency during tough times because you want people to feel safe and that they belong. Genuine communication and increased transparency is essential in projecting yourself as a trustworthy and confident leader.

Focus on a Long-Term Mindset

A conscious leader is not caught up in the short-term panic that comes as a result of the uncertainty of the situation. Instead, they focus on the bigger picture. They look at the long-term goals of the team and never lose sight of that. 

How is that possible? How to be a confident leader even when your short-term existence is put to the test? 

It’s simple – focus on your purpose and vision. This will serve as your guide as you navigate through the uncertain times and give you a head start once things return to normalcy. 

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What Leaders Should Avoid

When faced with uncertainty, a lot of leaders (those that lack the characteristics of a conscious and confident leader) commit the following common mistakes that you need to avoid:

  • Believing in or giving false hope. You never achieve anything by doing that.
  • Pretending you have the answers. If there is something that you don’t know, acknowledge it.
  • Isolating yourself. Now is the time – more than ever – that you need to support and spend time with your team. 

The best team leaders are the ones who show resilience during times of crisis. Knowing how to be a confident leader will arm you and your team with the necessary skills and action steps to navigate the challenges presented to you, while also allowing you to move forward together as one unit. 


Leading and managing through change and uncertainty involves setting a clear vision, communicating openly, involving employees in the decision-making process, providing support and resources, fostering a culture of learning and innovation, and leading by example with resilience and positivity.

Leading through uncertain times requires effective communication, transparency, adaptability, and empathy. Leaders should provide clear guidance, acknowledge fears and concerns, encourage collaboration, and foster resilience and agility within their teams.

Good leadership during uncertainty involves being proactive, responsive, and transparent. It requires effective communication, active listening, empathy, and providing stability and reassurance. Good leaders also encourage collaboration, facilitate problem-solving, and empower their teams to adapt and thrive in uncertain situations.

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